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Victory for Wide Bay-Burnett community in fracking blue

The last of three fracking licences that covered the Wide Bay-Burnett has expired and will not be renewed by owner Blue Energy.

The company held three petroleum licences across high quality agricultural, culturally significant and environmentally important land in the Wide Bay, however due to sustained community opposition to fracking, Blue Energy was unable to proceed with its plans.

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines informed Lock the Gate Alliance in January that the first two Blue Energy gas permits that were due for renewal on the 31st December had expired, and would not be renewed. 

The third and final permit expired on 31st March and cannot be renewed.

Lock the Gate spokesperson Vicki Perrin said while local groups were celebrating the win, there was nothing to stop the State Government from issuing new petroleum or other mining licences over the region.

She said that was why the government needed to include no go zones for mining and gas companies in its review of the Regional Planning Interest Act, which was promised prior to the last election.

“It’s time for the Qld Government to draw a line in the sand, and say that some places are just too precious to be destroyed by mining and gas,” she said.

“We strongly believe the Wide Bay Burnett is one place that should be permanently off limits due to its cultural, agricultural, and environmental significance.

“This outcome shows that unified communities have the power to defend themselves from gas fracking. 

“Farmers, industry groups, Traditional Owners, tourism operators and town residents all stood as one and put our sustainable industries and our environment above gas industry profits.”


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