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WA fracking pipeline would damage land and water, and wouldn’t reduce gas prices

Lock the Gate Alliance has rubbished a plan for a fracking pipeline from Western Australia put forward this morning by the Federal Minister for Resources, because it would cause massive damage to land and water resources and do nothing to reduce east coast gas prices.

"The Federal Government can’t seem to look past more fracking and white-elephant pipelines that will do nothing to fix the soaring gas prices caused by gas companies diverting our gas overseas," said Carmel Flint, spokesperson for Lock the Gate Alliance.

"More fracking is just a pipedream that won’t fix the problem and will cause untold damage to Australian icons like the Kimberley and the South West of Western Australia.

"The Turnbull Government is showing complete disregard for the democratic process with this proposal – the people of Western Australia just voted in a new Labor Government on a promise to put a moratorium on fracking.

"The Federal Government has shown the same contempt for democratic processes which have led to bans and limits on gas in other states like Victoria and the Northern Territory.

 “In his meeting with gas giants today, Malcolm Turnbull needs to stop blaming gas prices on state governments protecting land and water and instead demand action from profiteering gas companies diverting domestic gas overseas.

"Preventing the unfettered sales of our domestic gas overseas is the only thing that will stop the gas price hikes that are damaging manufacturing in this country," she said.

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