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Water science has more weight than Adani’s whinging

Lock the Gate Alliance has again urged the Queensland Government to stand firm in the face of relentless bullying from Adani and protect the state’s water, after the multinational company today fired a new salvo in its propaganda war.

The Queensland Government has sought updated advice from CSIRO and GeoScience Australia on the latest version of the of Adani’s Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Management Plan, which was not the version that was reviewed by CSIRO and GeoScience Australia.

This includes further clarification around the evidence to support identification of the source aquifer of the Doongmabulla Springs Complex.

Central Queensland canegrower Len Thompson said it was clear Adani was struggling to locate the source aquifer for the Doongmabulla Springs.

“This mine should absolutely not go ahead if Adani cannot guarantee that these springs will not be negatively impacted,” he said.

“Groundwater is so crucial in this country, and no mining company should be allowed to run roughshod over graziers, farmers, or the environment.

"The potential for tourism in this region is also significant and is much more sustainable than the coal industry.

“I commend the Queensland Government for following due process and doing the work needed to protect the lifeblood of this region.”

Adani’s latest water whinge comes the same day it was reported Stephen Charles, a member of a non-partisan group of former judges campaigning for an effective federal integrity commission, said he could name around 20 issues worthy of investigation, and cited the rushed Federal approval of the Adani mine as one example.

LTGA spokesperson Carmel Flint said contrary to Adani’s whinging, the additional information requested was part of a standard process.

"Adani has now had more than ten attempts to locate the source aquifer of these ancient and unique Great Artesian Basin springs, and has failed," she said.

“More research is exactly what is required.

“This process has been drawn out not through any fault of the Queensland Government, but due to Adani’s incompetence and political interference on a federal level.”

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