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Call In Today, for the Turtles

On December 31st two of the three exploration permits for fracking that blanket the Wide Bay Burnett will expire and it’s up to Anthony Lynham to decide whether they are renewed, or cancelled for good. A third licence will expire in March 2019

This is our big chance to remove the threat of fracking and protect this amazing region - national foodbowl and gateway to the Southern Barrier Reef and the Fraser Coast!

Please get on the phone today and help us create an unstoppable force to stop these licences.

Call Anthony Lynham’s office on: (07) 3719 7360

  • Be calm and polite
  • State your name and where you’re from (town/suburb)
  • Ask if you can speak with the Minister (they will say no), ask the staff person to take a message and get back to you with a response.
  • Say you would like the minister to ensure the three exploration permits for the Wide Bay Burnett are cancelled and not renewed.
  • Let us know what the Minister’s office said by leaving your comments here.
  • Some information you might like to refer to:
    • ATP 613, 674 and 733 are due to expire in December and March respectively.
    • Twenty communities across the region have declared themselves gasfield free and there is clearly no social licence for gasfields in the region
    • 40 000ha of prime cropping land is at risk if fracking goes ahead in the area.
    • Mention your connection to the area ie if you live, have lived or ever holidayed on the Fraser Coast, or if you want your kids to be able to experience the magic of seeing the turtles hatch at Mon Repos…...

Thank you for taking the time to call the Minister.

Our TV ad will be running for two weeks. Can you help us keep it on air all the way up until Minister Lynham makes his decision on the 31st December?