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Call Mike Baird today

Our common home, our farmland, rivers, villages and bushland are being torn up or ruined for coal mining. How long are coal affected communities expected to wait for the Government to do something to fix up coal mining? 

It’s been five years since the Coalition Government was elected in NSW promising to protect farmland and water resources from coal mining and a year since the farming community on the Liverpool Plains were betrayed by the Government when it approved Shenhua’s Watermark coal mine.

In the meantime, more mines and expansions have been approved, and people are suffering from air pollution, noise, lost water and torn social fabric.

If Mike Baird is going to act, he’s got to do it now, before any more damage is done.

Can you call him today and tell him you want protection for farmland, water, villages and bushland from coal mining?

His phone number is (02) 8574 5000

If you can’t get directly through to the Premier, then leave a message with his staff.

Here are some things you might want to say:

  • It is not in the interests of the people of NSW for the Government to continue to favour coal mining at the expense of other industries and widely-held community values.
  • Communities affected by mining are not getting a fair go – the planning process does not protect them from noise, dust and negative social impacts, nor does it prevent damage to water resources, food-producing lands or natural areas.  
  • Our good farmland, rivers and groundwater, rural villages and bushland urgently need outright protection from coal mining, will you do it now?
  • Coal companies that are in severe financial trouble, like Peabody and Wollongong Coal, want Government approval for more highly damaging mining projects in New South Wales. Why are these projects being seriously considered, when existing mines are already in trouble?
  • So many damaging coal mining projects, like the Watermark mine on the Liverpool Plains and the Warkworth mine expansion near Bulga, have been approved by the Government recently. We can’t afford any more delay in fixing this problem. Will you act now and ensure protections are in placed before any more mines or expansions are approved?

If you can't get through to the Premier, leave your message with his staff. Be polite, but firm: communities can't wait any longer for relief from the impacts of coal mining.

Once you've called him on (02) 8574 5000, use the box below to tell us how it went...

If you can't get through, you can leave written feedback for the Premier on his contact page here.

If you haven't already added your name to our open letter for coal reform, you can do that here.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

Fobbed off - must write to the premier

I was told they would not take my comment. I then told her this just angered me more, surely you could pass on my sentiment that "I do not support coal mine expansion"

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See you Monday

The same response as for the others, that I should email a message but I said that emails get an automatic reply whereas she's listening to me and responding. Jim Morris

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Call to Premier's Office, apparently successful.

Needed to persuade the staffer to take a message, had a good 5 minutes conversation and she promised to add my name to the list. She asked me where all these phone calls were coming from, I told her from the farming community, although I Live in a city, I support the farmers and care about the land, water and environment.

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Add to this issue, the proposed sell-off of treated effluent from Bathurst to Regis Resources.

The conversation went well and I was assured my name will be added to what already appears to be quite a lengthy list of concerned citizens/electors, in addition to my grave concerns about the proposed sell-off of water to Regis Resource and all this happens to be within the electorate of the current Minister for Local Government, who also happens to be a former Mayor of Bathurst. The bloke to whom I spoke agreed it was a good point and, rather surprisingly, didn't seem aware Toole is a former Mayor of Bathurst

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Office suggested I send an email to Mr Baird via the www,nsw, website as they don't want to misconstrue anything I may say over the phone. I told them I just wanted to advise that I do not support coal mining or its expansion due to health and environmental impacts. Can't really misconstrue that now can they. She said their office had received many calls from concerned citizens regarding effects of coal mining. Will send an email to follow up call.

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Well, I rang, and surprisingly, he was unavailable! Also I was unable to leave a message because it has to be in writing, again, surprised! So I asked "Why do you answer the phone if you don't take messages?" Apparently, it nos not part of their 'process' Mr Baird is unavailable and most definitely uninterested in hearing any opposition.

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