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Ready for Renewables Council Challenge

What if you could have your expensive-to-run gas appliances replaced with a standalone solar system and not be out of pocket? 

What if your local council agreed to cut gas from Council buildings and refuse new gas connections in your local government area? 

What if they banded together to pressure the State Energy Minister to fast track a path out of polluting gas across the state?

Sounds too good to be true? Already local governments across the country are making these changes and seeing the benefits. 

Join us in calling on all Councils to power up and take up the Ready for Renewables challenge to make positive changes that benefit your home, local small business and the planet.

The Ready for Renewables Council challenge:

  • Refuse new gas connections - request planning scheme amendments of the state planning minister
  • Phase gas out of Council buildings and urgently replace all gas use with renewable electric appliances, particularly heavy users like heating water for swimming pools
  • Write to the State Energy Minister and urge for the State to plan a way out of gas as a critical priority

It’s easy!

Simply email your Council and ask them to take up the challenge and commit to taking these steps where your Council hasn’t already done so.

An email template is available here for Victorian Councils

Email template for NSW Councils

Copy and paste the text into the body of an email – feel free to personalise it! 

Grab your Council contact details to copy and paste into the “to” field of the email from here for Victorian Councils

Contact details for NSW Councils

If you want us to follow up please cc freja[at]

We do the rest! We will follow up with your local government and provide them with motions to submit and case studies to show that it’s not only possible, it’s in their (and their constituents’!) best interests to take action today.

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