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Don’t frack Lake Eyre Basin floodplains

Last week it was revealed that the Queensland Government secretly approved petroleum leases across vast areas of the Lake Eyre Basin rivers and floodplains.

Watch grazier Angus Emmott explain the massive threat this poses to this global treasure, to Indigenous cultural heritage and to the chemical-free beef industry on ABC Breakfast.

Will you urgently call the Premier’s office today on  (07) 3719 7000? Please be polite.  The phone will be answered by someone in her office.  Ask them to take down your name and number and to pass on a message to the Premier.

Here are some points you can make:

  • You’re appalled by the Government’s decision to give Origin Energy fracking leases across vast areas of Lake Eyre Basin rivers and floodplains south of Windorah.
  • You’d like to know why they made this decision, given their repeated election promises to consult on protecting the area.
  • You’d also like to know why affected Traditional Owners and graziers were not consulted.
  • You are concerned about the severe damage that thousands of gas wells, and associated roads and pipelines, would do to these fragile wetlands.

  • Ask for an immediate moratorium on any further approvals of any kind for fracking in the Lake Eyre Basin floodplains and long-term legal protection to ban oil and gas on the floodplains.

Please leave us a message below to let us know how it went.

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  • Karen Lavin
    commented 2021-12-20 13:47:27 +1100
    I called last week. Registered my concerns about waterways. Whoever I spoke to said she’d pass the message along. As I’d expected.
  • Toni Malamoo
    commented 2021-12-20 13:47:15 +1100
    I sent an email to the Premiers office advising that the government has lost my vote if they proceed with fracking 250 hectares of lake eyre basin. I also advised I would actively encourage voters to consider other party options against their government because of fracking.Tried calling but its Christmas.
  • Sandra Englart
    commented 2021-12-20 13:38:50 +1100
    I called, but only received a recorded message regarding high call volumes and suggesting I call back at another time. I may write an email instead.
  • David Killeen
    commented 2021-12-20 13:38:09 +1100
    I called the Premier’s office. I made the points mentioned above but also pointed out the disconnect between this action and our climate crisis. When will these politicians get it? Royalties now will not fix the climate problem! I’m appalled by the denial of the Qld Labor Government…may as well vote for Canavan et al at Federal level! God help the farmers, the fragile environment and the planet, it seems our politicians won’t.
  • Barry Odwyer
    commented 2021-12-20 13:29:46 +1100
  • Barry Odwyer
    commented 2021-12-20 13:26:05 +1100
    What a joke but i suppose it is the government, sorry all i got back from phoning the premier office was that they would pass the message on.but i did tell them i have voted for them a long time now and that they have lost my vote in the next election unless they stop this madness. It is hard to believe these idiots are doing this after the climate summit and whats happening around the world. Our planet does not stand a chance im afraid. So frustrating 😫
  • Anthony Croker
    commented 2021-12-20 13:17:33 +1100
    More secret BULLSHIT happening behind the backs of the people that put these irresponsible people into this position of power.

    Only to cause more destruction of the great country of ours for the sake of MONEY, Bloody greed at the expense of DESTRUCTION

  • Deborah Kozuszek
    commented 2021-12-20 13:14:46 +1100
  • Jacques Rohen
    commented 2021-12-20 13:07:33 +1100
    I was advised there were extremely high levels of calls at the present time, blah blah…….

    After the message finished the call was automatically terminated by the premiers office.
  • Samantha Willis
    commented 2021-12-20 13:07:25 +1100
    Spoke to a staffer and they say they will pass on my concerns.
  • Jo Doecke
    commented 2021-12-20 13:01:56 +1100
    The person who answered did not give her name, nor take mine. She said she would make a note of my concern and pass it on to the premiers office. She did not want any details, either of me or of my concerns.

    What guarantee is there that my anti-fracking message will be given if there is not even a name or contact number recorded???
  • John Frois
    commented 2021-12-20 12:54:13 +1100
    I talked to the Premier’s Office today. I expressed my deepest concern regarding the Government’s secret deal with Origin Energy whereby they were given approval to frack the Lake Eyre floodplains. I politely mentioned that I had voted Labor in the past in the belief that they would protect icons such as the Lake Eyre Basin and that I a was greatly disappointed regarding their secret deal with Origin Energy. The Premier’s Office assured me that they would pass on my concerns
  • Marea Herbert
    commented 2021-12-20 12:46:53 +1100
    The phone is on message bank due to many calls (hopefully about this issue) advising to call back. Rang back but stilI on message bank so I will email them and also call again until I speak to someone.
  • Alison Myors
    commented 2021-12-20 12:40:22 +1100
    Spoke to a staffer, who listened to me politely, agreed to pass on my message and wished me all the best.