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Queensland: Lake Eyre Basin

Fracking plans in the rivers and floodplains of the Lake Eyre Basin threaten the unique ecosystems of the "living heart of Australia".

The vast expanse of inland Queensland's Channel Country is part of one of the planet’s last remaining pristine desert river systems. A fragile environment that is now in the sights of gas companies for large scale unconventional gas development.

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New South Wales CSG - Narrabri Coal Seam Gas Project

The Independent Planning Commission approved the Narrabri gas project in September 2020, despite receiving over 10,000 submissions on the Narrabri Gas Project, the overwhelming majority of which were objections.

Thank you to everyone that made submissions, phone calls, appeared at the hearing, wrote to the papers and continues to advocate against this damaging gasfield. We’re continuing our work throughout the decision period, and are also supporting communities fighting the Queensland Hunter Gas Pipeline. 


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Queensland Shale Gas Fracking - Fraser Coast

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UPDATE April 2019: Victory for Wide Bay-Burnett community!

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines informed Lock the Gate Alliance in January that the first two Blue Energy gas permits that were due for renewal on the 31st December had expired, and would not be renewed. 

The third and final permit expired on 31st March and cannot be renewed.




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South Australia - Limestone Coast Gas Fracking

limestone coast, fracking, lock the gate alliance, south australiaUnconventional gas production and fracking threatens the crucial aquifers and “clean, green” agriculture, wine and tourism industries of the Limestone Coast region in SE South Australia.

Read more about this area and the campaign to protect it on the dedicated Protect Limestone Coast Website here.

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Queensland- Coal Seam Gas

coal seam gas, risks, queensland, australia,Coal seam gas (CSG) mining is a risky, invasive form of unconventional gas mining. There is extensive CSG production currently taking place in Queensland- from Central Queensland to the Western Darling Downs region.

The CSG industry has expanded rapidly in Queensland since 2010. The Queensland Government reported that there were 5127 CSG production wells in operation in mid-2016. An interactive map of Queensland's coal seam gas fields can be viewed here.

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Northern Territory- Shale Gas Fracking

fracking, northern territory, shale gas, lock the gate allianceShale gas fracking licences and applications cover over 100 million hectares of the Northern Territory.

Areas under threat include recreational fishing spots from Fogg Dam to Kakadu, and approved exploration licences surround the iconic Mataranka Hot Springs on three sides.

The shale/tight gas industry in the NT is in the early stages of development and pushing hard for a large scale expansion of production gasfields, with a gas pipeline to the east coast already approved and under construction. 

Learn more about the community campaign to protect the Northern Territory from fracking at the dedicated Frack Free NT website.

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Western Australia- Shale & Tight Gas Fracking

gasfield free, mid west, western australia, frack free, lock the gate allianceFrom Broome to Bunbury and beyond, vast areas of Western Australia are covered in gas licenses and under threat from fracking!

Landholders and communities across WA are locking the gate to companies wanting to frack for shale and tight gas across farmlands, water supply areas and iconic natural landscapes.

Learn more about the threat of fracking and unconventional gas production in Western Australia at the dedicated Frack Free WA website here!

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