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Western Australia- Shale & Tight Gas Fracking

gasfield free, mid west, western australia, frack free, lock the gate allianceFrom Broome to Bunbury and beyond, vast areas of Western Australia are covered in gas licenses and under threat from fracking!

Landholders and communities across WA are locking the gate to companies wanting to frack for shale and tight gas across farmlands, water supply areas and iconic natural landscapes.

Learn more about the threat of fracking and unconventional gas production in Western Australia at the dedicated Frack Free WA website here!

Watch the powerful documentary about the growing community movement against fracking and unconventional gas production in Western Australia:

You can also check out this page for a range of other engaging short films about the Frack Free WA campaign!

frack free wa, gasfield free communities, fracking, lock the gate alliance

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