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Federal Election Day - 2 July

I'mVotingforWater2.jpgWe can’t tell you how to vote, that’s your decision. But we have reviewed both the previous actions and the current policies of various parties against our Water4Life Index, so that you can have an informed view on where they stand in relation to coal and gas mining.

The two parties that have the strongest record and the strongest policies are the Australian Greens and the Glenn Lazarus Team. They have both taken real action in Parliament over the last term, and both have strong policies to protect water resources, farmland and public health.

Overall, independents and minor parties have generally adopted far better policies to protect land and water resources, and to defend communities, than either of the two major parties.

Other minor parties that have taken some action or have adopted positive policies include the Nick Xenophon Team and the CountryMinded Party. In the Senate, John Madigan, Ricky Muir and Jacqui Lambie have stood up against Coalition plans to weaken Federal laws*. 

The Labor Party has committed to expanding the water trigger to shale gas and tight gas, which is a step forward, and have also committed to leave key environmental powers in Federal hands. But they have fallen well short of delivering on our full Water4Life index.

The Liberal and National Parties are still planning to weaken the few laws that are in place to protect land and water and to remove the rights of community groups to challenge mining approvals in court. Far from delivering on our index, they will hand powers back to the states, take us backwards and leave food-producing land and water resources at grave risk.

Find out how our Federal MPs voted recently to protect Australia's fresh water from coal and gas here. 

Thanks again to everyone that took part in the highway action on Saturday – it was the world’s longest protest. You made news around the country and internationally as well, and you sent the twittersphere into overdrive, trending at number 1!!

Check out the magnificent photo gallery from the National Highway Action here - it's guaranteed to make you smile!

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