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Where would you rather see our taxpayer money invested? 

The Government wants to frack, but what does Australia want? 

We’ve put together a letter you can sign below and add your ideas for the Federal Government on what they could do with our hard-earned tax dollars.

Please add your name and give us your ideas for where you’d rather see your tax dollars spent. 

To Federal Parliamentarians, Ministers, Departments, 

We are alarmed and disappointed to see the Federal Government now rolling out a suite of actions to prop up expensive and dangerous gas fracking across Australia without any proper public accountability.

As voters and concerned Australians, we ask that you hear our message - do not spend our money on gas fracking projects and big new gas pipelines.  

Farmlands, water resources and the climate can’t afford to keep propping up polluting gas. 

It’s time for Australia to grow stronger and tool up to embrace cleaner energy and storage. 

There are a multitude of ways the Government could take a smarter approach to the Covid recovery. The Australian community has many ideas on how we can boost agriculture, tourism, First Nations opportunities, community health and disaster relief. 

We know we can create jobs by genuinely supporting diverse Australian businesses, not throwing our money at the gas fracking industry. 

We see huge opportunities to help Australia to get off polluting and expensive gas into the future, to modernise our power and heating and to save on gas and energy bills. 

I ask that you oppose the measures being rolled out to fast-track gas fracking, including the ill-considered and secretive National Gas Infrastructure Plan, and take on board our ideas for how the money could be better spent. 

Yours sincerely,

Please add some comments.

What would you rather see money spent on?

Here are some ideas:

Helping Australian businesses get off gas
Funding community projects in your neighbourhood
Land stewardship programs
Supporting First Nations organisations and businesses working on country
Renewable energy projects and battery storage
Disaster relief

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Showing 30 reactions

  • Ailsa Williams
    commented 2021-03-23 15:20:44 +1100
    We need money to be spent of a just transition to renewable energy, for the businesses and the workers. We need to start on this NOW
  • Brian Plummer
    commented 2021-03-23 15:20:41 +1100
  • Jenny Medd
    commented 2021-03-23 15:20:33 +1100
    Money should be spent on renewable energy projects, disaster relief (based on genuine need NOT political expediency) and/or Land stewardship programs – all of which which provide BENEFITS to taxpayers and our environment at the same time.
  • Roberta and Ken Crawford-Condie
    commented 2021-03-23 15:20:32 +1100
  • Charles Street
    commented 2021-03-23 15:20:31 +1100
  • Jeanette Watson
    commented 2021-03-23 15:20:30 +1100
    Renewable energy projects and battery storage, there is so many things but whatever the government does with the money it has to do with saving the planet
  • Lizzy Nash
    commented 2021-03-23 15:20:24 +1100
    The reinstatement of traditional fire regimes used by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years.

    Encourage business at all levels to reduce their carbon footprint and incentivise this.

    Invest and support renewable energy projects and battery storage

    Abolish the new electric car tariff being introduced by Victorian government for July 1 2021.
  • Jan Murray
    commented 2021-03-23 15:20:08 +1100
    Fracking is terminal; the damage it causes can never be undone.
  • Tony Logan
    commented 2021-03-23 15:19:55 +1100
  • Maria Zettl
    commented 2021-03-23 15:19:47 +1100
    Australia is fortunate to have a most significant supply of solar and wind possibilities. Wind farms and solar farms have already not only successfully been trialed in other countries but are as a matter of fact now an integral part of those countries. Unfortunately and inexplicably to me we are limping behind other countries in the world.
  • Georgiana Antoce
    commented 2021-03-23 15:19:39 +1100
    I’d encourage adequate involvement with community projects, suicide prevention, validation of past abuse and transparency in journalism, with promotion of accountability and access to information essential for a meaningful life.
  • Tom Swann
    commented 2021-03-23 15:19:36 +1100
    Healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, renewable energy – just about anything would be better than gas pipelines.
  • Bruce Allen
    commented 2021-03-23 15:19:31 +1100
  • Noeleen Trueman
    commented 2021-03-23 15:19:27 +1100
  • Pamela Ditton
    commented 2021-03-23 15:19:18 +1100
    Climate emergency is here and gas is NOT a transition fuel
  • Mark Lakewood
    commented 2021-03-23 15:19:10 +1100
  • Val Marsden
    commented 2021-03-23 15:19:10 +1100
    I would rather see money spent on raising the dole – the paltry $3 a week post job seeker will not prevent many of the unemployed slipping back into poverty.
  • Dale Curtis
    commented 2021-03-23 15:19:01 +1100
    I haven’t seen any evidence that there is a genuine need for expanded gas operations, except to line the pockets of the gas companies. WE have seen first-hand how renewables are quickly forcing fossil fuels to the background. Why prop up a dying industry? These assets will be stranded, with no return of the millions of dollars handed out – this is a waste to tax-payers. There are so many better options to spend the planned money, with better long-term results economically and environmentally. I am appalled at whet the government is trying to do.
  • Geoff Davies
    commented 2021-03-23 15:18:56 +1100
    There are many reasons NOT to frack and no good reason to frack. We don’t need the energy, storage will replace gas and the planet requires NO MORE FOSSIL FUELS. Fracking destroys groundwater, no matter what they say.
  • Rob Parkes
    commented 2021-03-23 15:18:56 +1100
  • matthew Allison
    commented 2021-03-23 15:18:51 +1100
    In a race for resources this government is sponsoring the constant degradation of our homeland. This is unacceptable for a sustainable future and more development on renewable energy and storage is required as opposed to risking aquifers with gas fracking in the driest habitable continent on this finite Earth
  • Steve Hicks
    commented 2021-03-23 15:18:47 +1100
    Please invest this wasted money into aged care for Australians who have contributed to this country and get very little back in retirement.
  • chris oakden
    commented 2021-03-23 15:18:38 +1100
  • Ian Reynolds
    commented 2021-03-23 15:18:30 +1100
  • Pamela Evans
    commented 2021-03-23 15:18:29 +1100
    Money should be spent at a community level. Covid has shown us that community is where true support comes from
  • helen weight
    commented 2021-03-23 15:18:28 +1100
    Scomo, do not spend taxpayers money on gas unless the majority want it.
  • John Nightingale
    commented 2021-03-23 15:18:17 +1100
    Rather than gifting tax-free money to multinationals based mainly in tax havens such as the Cayman Islands, for activities that will never make a profit or provide taxation receipts to the Australian people, spend you money on activities that will benefit Ausrtalians, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide for your own grandchildren’s future.

    Your current policies will only lead those grandchildren to despise your memory and attempt to forget that you spawned them.
  • Brett Jeffery
    commented 2021-03-23 15:18:08 +1100
  • Richard Marschall
    commented 2021-03-23 15:17:57 +1100
    I’d like to see the government stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry. I’d like to see them shut down the water thieves. I’d like to see the Australia’s national parks expanded and habitats for endangered and threatened species restored. Upgrading public transport, especially the railroads for both freight and passengers would be very nice.
  • Jacqui Campbell
    commented 2021-03-23 15:17:54 +1100
    We need to remove tax-payer funds from propping up the Gas, Oil and Coal industries and invest that money in renewable energy. This includes the tried and tested wind and solar as well as emerging renewables such as wave power and biomass (not the biomass from cutting down trees though!). Our inaction on moving towards zero emissions is making Australia an international pariah and setting us up for failure.