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Join our #Water4Life Campaign


On the driest inhabited continent on earth, where people and landscapes depend on vulnerable water resources, Australia needs laws that protect our water from coal and unconventional gas mining.

In the lead-up to the Federal election, will you join us in putting water on the national agenda? Will you be part of our #Water4Life campaign?

We will be taking action all around the country to tell candidates and political parties, that it’s time for them to:

  • Protect nationally significant water resources
  • Support the ‘dining boom’
  • Protect the health of people and communities

We’ll be asking them to commit to our full #Water4Life Index, and we’ll be judging them against it.

We’ve got lots of great activities planned. In April, Wyoming Rancher John Fenton will be touring Qld, NT and WA talking about how fracking and gas activities polluted the water in Pavillion, in May we'll have a national day of 'watery' action at local candidate offices, and in June we're going to have a shot at beating the record for the world’s longest highway protest as a way of raising awareness during the winter school holidays. Are you in?

If you want to get active and get involved in #Water4Life, please sign up here. We’ll be in touch to let you know about the many different ways you can be part of this, to provide you with information to use with your local candidates, and lots more!

If you need a reminder about just how important this is, check out our summary of 5 big mining and water scandals. They are just the tip of the iceberg. There have been one too many scandals……It’s time for action.