Lock the Gate calls for communities’ right to veto mining in SRLUP submission

Published: May 15, 2012

The Lock the Gate Alliance submission to the NSW Government's Strategic Regional Land Use Policy has called for communities to be given a veto right over exploration, mining and gas production in their regions. 

Recommendation 8 of 12 in the submission reads: "Introduce a process to enable local communities to be able to say no to mining and petroleum exploration or production in their areas. 

Lock the Gate President Drew Hutton said, "Communities should have a right to say no to mining and gas production. They should be able to decide their own future when it comes to what industries they support and how to manage their natural resources for the benefit of the community. 

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New South Wales parliamentary inquiry shows Queensland the way on coal seam gas

Published: May 02, 2012

The New South Wales upper house inquiry into coal seam gas is set to issue a report today recommending the NSW government should cease issuing production licences for coal seam gas production until a ''comprehensive framework'' for regulating the industry is developed.

It also will recommend a moratorium on fracking, a controversial method of extracting methane from coal seams, until the national regulator has finished testing the chemicals in the fracking fluids.

Lock the Gate Alliance president, Drew Hutton, called on Queensland premier, Campbell Newman, to call a halt on the "mad gas rush" his government is promoting and to adopt a more cautious approach in line with the recommendations of this powerful NSW committee.

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Government warned: Don’t try to divide farmers and environmentalists

Published: April 29, 2012

The Lock the Gate Alliance has warned the New South Wales Coalition that it risks losing the support of much of the rural vote it received at the last election if it continued to pursue its current policies on mining
and coal seam gas.

Lock the Gate president Drew Hutton said the Coalition would make a giant miscalculation if it thought it could get its policies through by driving a wedge between groups participating in the "Protect our Land and Water" rally on Tuesday, 1 May.

"Organisations like Lock the Gate, the Farmers Association, the CWA, GetUp and the Nature Conservation Council, and community groups such as Stop CSG Illawarra and Stop CSG Sydney are united in their objective of getting the
land and water resources of the state protected from irresponsible resource extraction," Mr Hutton said.

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Bellata withdraws social licence for CSG, Hartcher must do the same

Published: April 29, 2012

Bellata, Gurley, Terry Hie Hie farmers withdraw social licence from Leichhardt Resources: Hartcher must now withdraw government licence.

The Bellata Gurley Action Group Against Gas (BGAGAG) has lodged a submission to the Director General (DG) of Trade & Investment objecting to the renewal of PEL470 held by Leichhardt Resources Pty Ltd.

The Petroleum Exploration Licence is due to expire on 30 April 2012.

Minister Chris  Hartcher (Energy & Resources) invited Chair Mrs Penny Blatchford of the BGAGAG to write to the Director General in December 2011.

The  objection outlines factual evidence of Leichhardt's breaches to the Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991 Sections, Regulations and Licence Conditions.

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Lock the Gate warns CSG committee to back moratorium

Published: April 20, 2012

Lock the Gate Alliance President Drew Hutton has warned Shooters and Fishers Party MP and Coal Seam Gas Inquiry chair Robert Brown that he risks a backlash from the bush if the inquiry report does not recommend a moratorium on coal seam gas exploration and production in NSW.

Mr Hutton said, "Reading the transcripts of the inquiry and the evidence of experts that point to significant uncertainty about water and agricultural impacts from the CSG industry, it is impossible to see how the committee can recommend anything other than a moratorium."

"Regional NSW is already fed up at the support for the coal seam gas industry from the NSW Coalition Government and particularly the National Party. If chair Robert Brown and the Shooters and Fishers Party ignore the concerns of the bush in the inquiry report, they risk a similar backlash and a community revolt.
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