Lock the Gate president warns against CSG regulator confusing industry enforcement with facilitation

Published: September 15, 2011

The main organisation campaigning for protection of rural Queensland from the potential impacts of coal seam gas mining has warned the Queensland government its unit enforcing regulation of the newly-emerging coal seam gas industry risks confusing its enforcement role with an industry facilitation one.

The head of Queensland's LNG enforcement Unit, Andrew Brier, talked on ABC radio this morning of the need to "quash the noise" being made by the Lock the Gate Alliance, saying it was drowning out the valid voices of landowners who were happy with the coal seam gas industry.

Brier also praised the coal seam gas industry for its current pro-CSG advertising campaign.

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State government water bill undermines regulation of coal seam gas

Published: September 06, 2011

The lock the Gate Alliance believes the seemingly innocuous amendments to the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008, currently being introduced into the state parliament are designed to further entrench the ineffective and inadequate policyframework the government is building around the CSG industry.

President of the lock the Gate Alliance, Drew Hutton, said Clause 329GA of the Bill supports the sanctioning of emergency releases of CSG recycled water to  to the rivers and streams of the Queensland section of the Murray Darling Basin.

"We understand the government's Healthy Headwaters study into the effects of CSG water on aquatic life has not yet been finalized and so we can only conclude that the community is being presented with another fait accompli by the Bligh government," Mr Hutton said.

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Lock the Gate President comes to the Hunter

Published: September 05, 2011

Lock the Gate Alliance president, Drew Hutton, will be visiting communities in the Hunter region during this week and will be participating in a media conference with local community representatives to discuss directions for dealing with unwanted coal and coal seam gas projects.

The media conference will take place at 9.45 am at Glennies Creek Hall on Tuesday 6 September.

Mr Hutton said this area would be one of the first battlegrounds for an 'Enough is enough' campaign for the whole Hunter region.

"The Hunter is rightly famous around Australia and the world for its beauty and its iconic cultural and economic activities," Mr Hutton said.

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Rural Queenslanders are ‘collateral damage’: QGC

Published: September 04, 2011

The vice-president of one of Australia's biggest coal seam gas companies has reportedly told a resident of a rural residential estate being targeted for gas wells by his company that his community would be 'collateral damage.'

Brett Smith, senior vice-president in the BG Group that owns QGC, was meeting Michael Bretherick, a resident of the Tara residential estate and a member of the Western Downs Alliance, along with others from the company and from the state government.

Michael Bretherick suggested that, if the company were to take the initiative by ceasing their operations within the Tara estates, begin working on addressing earlier impacts upon residents and the local environment, with emphasis on air quality, noise monitoring, soil and water testing, this would avoid confrontation and defuse an already stressful situation.

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Bligh government keeps on spinning about protecting farming land from mining

Published: August 30, 2011

Today's announcement by Mines Minister, Stirling Hinchliffe, that his department would provide free legal aid to central Queensland farmers faced by mining companies wanting to take over their land is just one more example of this government's one-sided approach to dealing with the destructive impacts of mining.

Lock the Gate Alliance president, Drew Hutton, said central Queensland farmers had taken the most sensible step in the face of threats by mining companies to take over their land – they had locked the gate.

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