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National Integrity Commission a must for Lock the Gate

Lock the Gate welcomes the Senate Inquiry relating to the establishment of a National Integrity Commission that is hearing evidence today in Sydney.


“A National Integrity Commission has long been needed in Australia.” said the Alliance’s National Coordinator, Phil Laird.


“The Alliance is seeking pre-election commitments from all parties for the establishment of such a commission in the run up to the 2016 election.


“With all the talk of a ‘tough cop on the beat’ one glaring gap in our regulatory protections is missing, a strong federal corruption watchdog.


“Our members and supporters are sending a clear message to both sides of parliament, we don’t trust you, we are looking for clean political alternatives so end the corruption now.


“Communities dealing with inordinate political power of the mining industry know from bitter experience how sorely an independent integrity commission is needed.


“Indeed the Queensland state election was fought on transparency and accountability grounds with allegations that political donations exceeding 1 million dollars were linked to the subsequent Newman Government approval of a highly controversial coal mine.


“Political donations scandals that involve alleged money laundering by the Federal Liberal Party are playing out right now in the lead up to this federal election.


“Our communities are sick of the long list of allegations of official misconduct, corruption, influence peddling at a state and federal level, particularly as it appears to result time and again in mining billionaires and multinational corporations winning out over families and communities.


“We think the first major party to commit to such a independent commission against corruption will win the election.


A strong federal corruption watchdog is part of Lock the Gate’s 2016 electoral policy platform. The #Water4Life policy platform can be found at

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