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New renewable energy campaign targets bright sparks in Morrison Government

Lock the Gate Alliance has formally launched its “Ready for Renewables” campaign in response to the Morrison Government’s unsustainable and uneconomical push for a gas-fired recovery from the Covid-19 recession.

“The principal behind this campaign is simple - clean energy is cheaper and more efficient than gas, and does not lead to the permanent destruction of land, water, and the climate,” said LTGA renewables coordinator Freja Leonard.

“Investing in renewables and storage, not new gasfields, is by far the more sensible way for governments to turbocharge the economy and lead us out of the Covid-19 recession, while at the same time creating an economy that is sustainable.

Gas and fracking are a polluting and economic nightmare and are doing harm to farmlands and our water resources. Renewables are ready and we’re ready for renewables.”

Riverina-bred singer songwriter, William Crighton, will help launch the campaign with a special live performance on Lock the Gate Alliance’s Facebook page tomorrow (Friday) evening at 8pm Eastern Standard Time.

'We have heard governments and industry talk about renewables for a long time while simultaneously marching towards more coal seam gas, and more coal,” Mr Crighton said.

“The simple truth is that the earth, our natural habitat, is being poisoned and destroyed. 

“We need to change to renewable and cleaner energy. If we want any sort of future for ourselves and future generations - now is the time to act.”

Ms Leonard said, “Our farms, precious waterways and economy can’t afford to keep propping up more polluting gasfields. It’s time for Australia to grow stronger by embracing the natural advantage we have when it comes to renewable energy.

“We are telling the Morrison Government that Australia needs bold leadership to deliver a healthier future.

“Now is the time to start getting off gas, to help families and businesses secure a better future by pivoting to renewables and storage for a stronger economy and environment.”

Key demands of the Ready for Renewables Campaign:

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