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Renewables Info

Fossil fuels soak up billions of dollars of public money through tax based subsidies, direct contributions and public finance.
Market Forces: Fossil Fuels Subsidies

Gas is a sinking ship. The sooner we put a lid on the industry and move on the better for Australia and the world.
IEEFA: Gas cannot reduce emissions or provide cheap power

It’s so easy for households to switch from gas using inexpensive replacement of technology.
Environment Victoria: Victorian Gas Market - Demand Side Measures to Avoid Forecast Supply Shortfall

Renewables can create 1.8 million new jobs for Australia over the next 5 years. This is a perfect replacement for declining employment in the increasingly unstable and volatile gas and coal industry.
Beyond Zero Emissions: The Million Jobs Plan

Transitioning households to zero net emissions has never been easier. Find out more about how Europe is leading the way in zero cost, zero net emissions refurbishment of houses.
Energiesprong: Energiesprong explained

Clean energy is already working for us. Using a combination of renewable generation sources, innovative battery storage options and smart grid technologies which are already available we have capacity to transition rapidly away from fossil fuel generation and embrace zero emissions.
Clean Energy Council: Clean Energy At Work