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Wandoan Coal Mine Approval Puts Western Downs Farmland at Risk

Lock the Gate Alliance has slammed the approval of the Wandoan Coal mine on the Western Downs yesterday as an attack on the future of agriculture in Queensland.

“The approval of this mine by Minister Anthony Lynham marks a very dark day for farming in Queensland,” said Lock the Gate spokesperson Carmel Flint.

“The mine will extract 22 million tonnes of coal each year for 35 years and destroy up to 32,000 hectares of farmland on the Western Downs.

“A large number of farmers have already been displaced by Glencore over this vast area, and now we fear that remaining farmers on and near the lease will be forced out.

“This project will be eligible for a secretive Queensland Government loan via the royalty deferral package announced in June.

“So, Queenslanders are expected to subsidise mining giant Glencore for five years as it rips through one of our core agricultural regions.

“This announcement follows close on the heels of the Federal approval of the Nathan Dam, which is designed to provide water for Glencore to wash their dirty, low quality coal.

“The Queensland Government has completely lost its way – they need to urgently rethink their ‘coal at all costs’ agenda and instead stand up for agriculture, water security and a safe climate” she said.

See Government media release approving the mine here.

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