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Lake Eyre Basin

At the last two elections, the Queensland Government promised to protect the mighty floodplains of the Channel Country in the Lake Eyre Basin. But they haven’t delivered and now Origin Energy have applied to frack for gas. Read more....

Acland Coal Mine

In SE Queensland new and expanding coal mines threaten the health of local communities, important water resources, world renowned natural areas, and some of the state's most important farmland. Read more....

Northern Territory Fracking

Unconventional gas exploration and fracking is already underway in the Roper Gulf region of the Northern Territory, with a number of companies undertaking exploration drilling in the region. Read more....

Gas Pipelines

The fossil fuel industry wants to build massive pipelines across the country to open up vast new invasive oil and gasfields - from the Kimberley, to the northern Murray-Darling in New South Wales, to the Lake Eyre Basin in Queensland, and everywhere in between. Read more...

Baralaba South Coal Mine

The Baralaba South project is a proposed new, open-cut coal mine located on prime agricultural land in central Queensland, just 500m from the Dawson River on a floodplain where the river spreads to 11km wide during floods. Local farmers and other community members have been fighting this proposal for more than a decade. Read more....

Fracking the Kimberley

The Kimberley has some of the largest intact natural landscapes left in the world. It is also a culturally rich region, home to a living Aboriginal culture that is tens of thousands of years old. But this beautiful region has also been identified as having some of the largest untapped shale gas and tight sands gas reserves in the world. Read more....

Don’t let them frack Queensland’s outback rivers

At the last three elections, the Queensland Government promised to protect the mighty floodplains of the Channel Country in the Lake Eyre Basin.  

But they haven’t delivered, and there are approvals to frack for oil and gas across 11 leases covering over 225,000 hectares of land. 

New expert research shows these gasfields would be the most polluting gasfields in Australia, and would blow our greenhouse gas reduction targets out of the water.

Stop gas companies destroying the last free-flowing desert rivers in the world. Tell the Premier not to frack with our rivers and floodplains.

To learn more see 'Living heart of Australia: fracking plans threaten fragile Channel Country' by The Guardian


Angus Emmott, Lake Eyre Basin grazier and lifelong naturalist.

Dear Premier,

I support our outback farmers, Traditional Owners and communities and ask that you do the same.

Please support the clean green beef industry and thriving tourism sector in the Channel Country and safeguard cultural heritage. 

Protect the rivers and floodplains from fracking, and associated roads and pipelines, for good.

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