Drew Hutton arrested at Coal Seam Gas Pipeline Blockade

Published: March 29, 2011

Drew Hutton, spokesperson for Friends of the Earth and leading campaigner for the national Lock the Gate campaign, was arrested this afternoon. 

In a heavy-handed police action, forty police moved on to private property to shut down the blockade camp on a landholder's property. 

The landholder was unhappy with his treatment by the gas company and had invited the blockaders onto his land. 

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Great Grandmother the First Arrested at Tara Coal Seam Gas Blockade

Published: March 15, 2011

A 70 year-old great-grandmother was the first person to be arrested at the Tara blockade. 

A large police contingent was present at the site, including the public order response team, mounted police and plain clothes detectives.

June was arrested when she refused an order from a plain clothed policeman to move while she was blockading a large bulldozer from entering the QGC site at Kenya.

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