Help Stop Santos’ Coal Seam Gas Project in Narrabri

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PETITION to the Deputy Premier, Independent Planning Commission and Planning Minister Rob Stokes:

We oppose Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project across the Pilliga forest and farmland near Narrabri due to:

  • The risk and damage it would bring to the groundwater of the Great Artesian Basin
  • The hundreds of thousands of tonnes of salty waste it would produce, with no disposal solution
  • The spread of gasfields across the North West region’s farmland that would follow
  • The fact it would do zero to address high gas prices, in fact it could lock in higher prices.

Will you sign?

The Narrabri gas project proposes to drill 850 gas wells through a precious recharge zone of the Great Artesian Basin. It will punch drill holes and clear drill pads, roads and pipelines through the magnificent Pilliga forest and farmland near Narrabri.

But we don't need it - research shows that new renewable energy around Narrabri could provide more jobs than CSG, without any of the risks to groundwater, natural areas or farmland, and without creating vast quantities of toxic waste. And 97% of people surveyed in Narrabri back renewables, whilst less than 28% back gas.

Join this petition to stay in touch as the proposal is sent to the Independent Planning Commission for decision.

And remember; renewables can provide the jobs we need without the damage to water and farmland.

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