Where would you rather see our taxpayer money invested? 

The Government wants to frack, but what does Australia want? 

We’ve put together a letter you can sign below and add your ideas for the Federal Government on what they could do with our hard-earned tax dollars.

Please add your name and give us your ideas for where you’d rather see your tax dollars spent. 


To Federal Parliamentarians, Ministers, Departments, 

We are alarmed and disappointed to see the Federal Government now rolling out a suite of actions to prop up expensive and dangerous gas fracking across Australia without any proper public accountability.

As voters and concerned Australians, we ask that you hear our message - do not spend our money on gas fracking projects and big new gas pipelines.  

Farmlands, water resources and the climate can’t afford to keep propping up polluting gas. 

It’s time for Australia to grow stronger and tool up to embrace cleaner energy and storage. 

There are a multitude of ways the Government could take a smarter approach to the Covid recovery. The Australian community has many ideas on how we can boost agriculture, tourism, First Nations opportunities, community health and disaster relief. 

We know we can create jobs by genuinely supporting diverse Australian businesses, not throwing our money at the gas fracking industry. 

We see huge opportunities to help Australia to get off polluting and expensive gas into the future, to modernise our power and heating and to save on gas and energy bills. 

I ask that you oppose the measures being rolled out to fast-track gas fracking, including the ill-considered and secretive National Gas Infrastructure Plan, and take on board our ideas for how the money could be better spent. 

Yours sincerely,


Please add some comments.

What would you rather see money spent on?

Here are some ideas:

  • Helping Australian businesses get off gas
  • Funding community projects in your neighbourhood
  • Land stewardship programs
  • Supporting First Nations organisations and businesses working on country
  • Renewable energy projects and battery storage
  • Disaster relief
  • Roslyn Irwin
    commented 2021-03-29 11:16:13 +1100
    Fracking gas has no social licence as has been demonstrated many times. I do not want any public money – our money – spent on gas. I want to see public money spent on renewable energy to address climate change. This has to happen within the next 8 years or it will be too late. Please don’t let this happen.
  • Pauline Mitchell
    commented 2021-03-29 11:14:28 +1100
    Government investment in renewable energy is vital because it gives greater service to the taxpayer. Like oil, gas is a finite resource. Wind and solar power are clean energies…. at least until our sun exhausts itself!

    The money any government in Australia spends on energy should be to harvest and save energies which have longer life spans ie solar and wind using battery storage.

    It would be better for Australia to be seen internationally as part of the avant guard of environmentalism than out of touch great-grandparents’!
  • Elizabeth Ellis
    commented 2021-03-29 11:14:24 +1100
    Help Australian businesses get off gas
  • Slavka Gough
    commented 2021-03-29 11:13:00 +1100
    Stop the killing for a profit!
  • Inez Edwards
    commented 2021-03-29 10:55:51 +1100
  • Gail Henzell
    commented 2021-03-29 10:50:07 +1100
  • Betty Evans
    commented 2021-03-29 10:40:46 +1100
  • Lucienne Noontil
    commented 2021-03-29 10:25:34 +1100
    Australia has very clever people! We can transition to renewable resources while assisting businesses to get out of gas.
  • John Klein
    commented 2021-03-29 10:08:30 +1100
    I’d rather see our taxpayers dollars spent on renewable energy projects and battery storage or improving conditions at our Aged Care facilities.
  • Seb Fransz
    commented 2021-03-29 10:02:23 +1100
    What would be really something else is if, just for once, profit were not the absolute pinnacle of motivation for doing something. Just once, that would be nice. Would be really cool if that ever happened again in this cynical world you’ve helped to cultivate.
  • Rick Saunders
    commented 2021-03-29 10:01:29 +1100
    It’s high time we moved on from fossil fuels and started acting responsibly towards preserving our environment.
  • Michael Tarrant
    commented 2021-03-29 09:00:40 +1100
  • Marie Moran
    commented 2021-03-29 08:57:27 +1100
    Emergency housing for homeless.
  • Rosie Lee
    commented 2021-03-29 08:50:04 +1100
    It’s time to make some real change
  • Sam Durland
    commented 2021-03-29 08:47:26 +1100
  • Andrew M
    commented 2021-03-29 08:44:30 +1100
  • Manus Shearer
    commented 2021-03-29 08:37:35 +1100
    All of the above
  • Rebecca Ellis
    commented 2021-03-29 08:01:23 +1100
  • Amanda Dickson
    commented 2021-03-29 07:51:32 +1100
  • Suraya Coorey
    commented 2021-03-29 07:37:12 +1100
    I would rather see money spent on renewable energy projects and battery storage, on land stewardship programs, on funding agricultural methods such as regenerative farming, which has proven to conserve carbon in the soil and helping Australians to migrate to renewable sources for power and transport, such as solar and wind energy and electric cars.
  • John Piasecki Richard
    commented 2021-03-29 07:36:50 +1100
  • Jenny Hughes
    commented 2021-03-29 07:12:10 +1100
  • David Smith
    commented 2021-03-29 06:57:22 +1100
  • M. Memery
    commented 2021-03-29 06:20:08 +1100
    I would rather the money be spent on renewable energy projects and battery storage.

    And disaster relief in the short term.
  • Philip Stowell
    commented 2021-03-29 04:56:26 +1100
    A risky technology in a country with such Stillwater security. We need more thoughtful and forward thinking water and energy policies. Renewables
  • Joke Veitch-Vaneechoutte
    commented 2021-03-29 01:50:55 +1100
    Spend the money on setting up renewable energy, battery storage and more proper recycling facilities, which will all add to jobs and to a better sustainable living
  • Maureen O'Meara
    commented 2021-03-29 00:58:33 +1100
    Renewable energy projects would be a way better option. FRACK OFF
  • Peter Redmile
    commented 2021-03-29 00:52:36 +1100
    These inexplicable decisions to fund more poisonous fracking actions should be reversed. Why is our Government going to fund the gas companies to pollute and profit with public money ? The ongoing destruction of our geological environment has to be stopped and the remediation of sites should begin immediately.
  • Robin Davis
    commented 2021-03-29 00:24:10 +1100
  • Julie Beattie
    commented 2021-03-29 00:12:42 +1100
    Frack off


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