Dramatic Brisbane cliff-face banner drop concludes week of action against coal and coal seam gas

Published: October 20, 2012

The message from country and city was clearly spelled out: the seven giant banners, unfurled in spectacular fashion on a Brisbane city cliff-face, stated coal and coal seam gas is not accepted by south-east Queensland regions and communities will continue to stand strongly opposed until the government puts water, food and health first.

The dramatic protest, witnessed from below by supporters and on-lookers, was one of a series of events which today conclude a national week of action against coal and coal seam gas.

Representatives from various south-east Queensland (SEQ) communities and city supporters gathered early for a sausage sizzle breakfast. Most are directly affected by coal seam gas and coal mining, either in exploration or production stage. Others joined to also show their concerns about the wider impacts of mining, including contamination of city water supplies and local food bowls.

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New report finds coal seam gas will undermine Australian economy

Published: October 18, 2012

A new report by the Australian Industry Group and the Plastics and Chemicals Association has re-ignited the debate over coal seam gas and given new impetus to the Lock the Gate movement.

The report, entitled Large scale export of East Coast Australia natural gas:Unintended consequences has found the boom in gas exports, especially coal seam gas and shale gas from eastern Australia, will have “a very significant negative impact” on jobs and the economy.

This will occur because, as exports increase, the price of gas will be linked to the international LNG market, doubling the cost to Australian manufacturing and increasing householders’ electricity bills by 25 per cent, a much greater amount than the carbon tax.

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Thousands turn out for Lock the Gate’s National Week of Action

Published: October 15, 2012

Thousands of people from across Australia turned out over the weekend for the start of Lock the Gate’s national week of action against coal and coal seam gas in our communities, our farmland, bushland and water catchments.

Lock the Gate President Drew Hutton said the week of action was organised to show the unity of the movement and the determination of all 170 affiliated local groups to combat the blind support of governments for unrestricted coal and coal seam gas mining.

The Northern Rivers kicked off proceedings on Saturday with a “Rock the Gate” concert in Murwillumbah. The event was attended by over 4000 people who marched through the streets before enjoying music and speeches at the local showground. The crowd heard music from Pete Murray and Natalie Pa’apa’a from Blue King Brown and a host of other musicians. The speakers included Get Up National Director Sam McLean and Lock the Gate President Drew Hutton.

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Friends of the Earth action to stop coal dump

Published: October 15, 2012

Two young activists from Friends of the Earth have been arrested today for scaling a 30 metre high coal dump on the edge of the Darling Downs town of Jondaryan and dropping a banner.

Their action was part of the Lock the Gate Alliance’s National Week of Action which has already seen thousands of people mobilised across the country.

The two spent about half an hour on top of the coal pile before coming down and being arrested They were charged with trespass.

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Lock the Gate challenges gas company claims CSG has nothing to do with Condamine River spa bath in new video

Published: October 12, 2012

Lock the Gate Alliance president, Drew Hutton, has released a video on YouTube showing that the Condamine River, near Chinchilla on the Darling Downs, is still bubbling like a spa bath as methane continues to pour out into the atmosphere.

Coal seam gas company, Origin, recently released a so-called scientific report with no peer review and no clear description of its methodology claiming the bubbling is “natural”.

Mr Hutton refutes that claim and points to a growing list of incidents on the Western Darling Downs where methane is finding its way to the surface in ways no one has seen before.


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