Police use aggressive tactics against Lock the Gate protesters

Published: January 19, 2012

Members of the anti-CSG group Keep the Scenic Rim Scenic have been subjected to much more aggressive tactics from police at blockades this morning.

The blockade at Kerry continued into its eighth day this morning and protesters opened up a new front at an Arrow Energy drill site at Silverdale on the Cunningham Highway.

A local woman, Linda Weston was arrested at 9.30 this morning at the Silverdale site for refusing to obey a police direction. Nearly five hours later she is still in custody in the Ipswwich watchhouse and she has been charged under the controversial section 805 of the petroleum and Gas Act which carries a potential $50,000 fine.

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Confrontation expected at Kerry blockade: Lock the Gate president to attend

Published: January 17, 2012

The president of the Lock the Gate Alliance, Drew Hutton, will be visiting the Blockade of the Arrow coal seam gas drilling site at Kerry, near Beaudesert, tomorrow (Wednesday).

The blockade, organised by the Keep the Scenic Rim Scenic group (which is part of the Lock the Gate Alliance), has been in progress for seven days.

There has been no drilling for four days and 13 protesters have been arrested at the site.

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Lock the Gate invites Campbell Newman to Kerry blockade site

Published: January 16, 2012

The Lock the Gate Alliance and Keep the Scenic Rim Scenic have invited LNP leader, Campbell Newman, to visit the Blockade of Arrow Energy’s coal seam gas drill site south of Beaudesert.

Lock the Gate Alliance president, Drew Hutton, said he had sent an invitation to Mr Newman by email, as had the KTSRS, and was hopeful a visit could be arranged in the near future.

“Mr Newman has already made a statement indicating he was in-principle opposed to coal seam gas in the Scenic Rim area,” Mr Hutton said.

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Concerned Landholders blockade Coal Seam Gas site in the Scenic Rim

Published: January 13, 2012

Lock the Gate Alliance is demanding Arrow Energy make public any study it has commissioned into the hydrogeology of the Albert River catchment near Beaudesert in Queensland, where local landholders are conducting a blockade.

"Arrow Energy's underground water impact report (UWI) is focussed on an area in the neighbouring Logan catchment," said Jacinta Green, Vice President of Lock The Gate Alliance.

"Locals say the Albert Valley has quite different geology. The current UWI report contains many assumptions and statements that are of concern to the local community."

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Government investigates CSG accident in the Pilliga

Published: January 13, 2012

Lock the Gate Alliance is pleased that the NSW Government is finally investigating damage to the Pilliga State Forest due to Coal Seam Gas mining.

"I was out in the Pilliga prior to Christmas and damage to the forest was quiet obvious, what I saw was lots of dead trees adjacent to CSG wells and two wells that appeared to be venting something gaseous directly to the atmosphere," said Jacinta Green, Vice President of Lock the Gate Alliance.

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