Lock The Gate Goes International

Published: July 29, 2012

Lock The Gate President Drew Hutton was among speakers addressing a huge rally in Washington DC.

The Stop the Frack Attack rally is one of a suite of activities taking place around the world as part of an international day of protest about the destructive process of hydraulic fracturing.

“Lock The Gate is the Australian arm of an international social movement that is determined to prevent the destruction of the world’s underground water supplies,” said Lock the Gate Vice-President Jacinta Green.

“Communities around the world are mobilizing to protect their water supplies, their productive agricultural regions,  important environmental areas, cultural assets and their health and well-being.

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Communities want data not stunts

Published: July 27, 2012

The discrepancy in water quality test results in northern NSW is proof that self-regulation isn’t working and cannot provide community confidence in the coal seam gas industry says Lock the Gate Alliance Vice President Jacinta Green.

Metgaso’s results described the water as ‘salty but not toxic’. The NATA accredited EAL laboratory in Lismore found 10 heavy metals at levels well above safe ANZECC limits. Aluminum was found at 440 times drinking water standard while lead was 7 times drinking water standard and 20 times the safe environmental limit.

“Communities are rightly concerned about the lack of independence in air and water quality monitoring and testing,” Ms Green said.

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Reponse to Tara Health concerns alarming

Published: July 26, 2012

Lock the Gate Alliance says the government is not doing enough to address the health concerns of residents affected by coal seam gas development in the Tara residential estate.

“Health Minister Lawrence Springborg told broadcaster Alan Jones that he would direct his Department to investigate,” said Vice President Jacinta Green.

“Tara residents are still waiting to see the terms of reference for this important study.

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CSG Industry Admits Pollution Problem

Published: July 25, 2012

The announcement of a gas forum to unveil technologies to combat coal seam gas pollutants at this year's Queensland Gas Conference & Exhibition, comes as some surprise to Lock The Gate Alliance. 

Lock the Gate Alliance Vice President Jacinta Green said, "All this time, gas companies have being trying to convince impacted communities that coal seam gas is a clean technology." 

"Either the people developing these technologies have been wasting their time, or the gas companies have been misleading the communities they have been impacting," she continued.

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Newman’s greentape amendments will be sickening

Published: July 24, 2012

The Lock the Gate Alliance says the Newman government’s Greentape Reduction Bill, which will see major amendments to the Environment Protection Act, could have dire consequences for Queenslanders’ health.

“Dismantling legislation to streamline approvals for mining and gas developments will almost inevitably lead to the degradation of our soil and water resources and air quality,” said Lock the Gate spokesperson Sarah Moles.

“Healthy environments make healthy people. Unhealthy ones make people ill. 

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