BHP's legacy in the Hunter: a toxic dam the size of Sydney?

Published: July 15, 2014

BHP Billiton must be forced to fill in legacy voids from the Mt Arthur mine coal mine at Muswellbrook to avoid putting the Hunter River at risk for hundreds of years into the future, according to the Lock The Gate Alliance.

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Exposed: Hunter coal mines own entitlements to 143 billion litres water

Published: July 14, 2014

Coal mines in the Hunter region own and control huge volumes of water, are changing the flow of the Hunter River, exacerbating salinity and putting other water users in the region at risk of running salty and dry a new report has found.

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NSW Government changes law to fast-track CSG fracking at Gloucester

Published: July 08, 2014

The NSW government is attempting to sneak through changes to gas drilling regulations that will hasten approvals for a coal seam gas project at Gloucester and allow fracking to start less than 400 metres from family homes, warned Lock the Gate Alliance and Groundswell Gloucester today.

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Object before LNP expands unsafe mining and trashes Queenslanders’ rights

Published: July 06, 2014

The LNP is trying to ram through even more unfair and unsafe mining in Queensland with its Mineral and Energy Resources (Common Provisions) Bill 2014.

The Lock the Gate spokesman, Drew Hutton said: “Coal and unconventional gas mining is just not safe but the LNP is hell-bent on forcing it onto Queenslanders regardless of the consequences.

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CSG mining will push up the price of local gas regardless of the government spin

Published: July 04, 2014

Coal seam gas companies cannot be trusted to act in the interests of domestic gas users when their east coast export hubs have already led to massive domestic gas price hikes, the Lock the Gate Alliance warned today.

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