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Media Releases

Concerned Landholders blockade Coal Seam Gas site in the Scenic Rim

January 13, 2012

Lock the Gate Alliance is demanding Arrow Energy make public any study it has commissioned into the hydrogeology of the Albert River catchment near Beaudesert in Queensland, where local landholders are conducting a blockade. "Arrow Energy's underground water impact report (UWI) is focussed on...

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Nine arrested in a dramatic about face from Arrow Energy

January 12, 2012

"Two days ago Arrow Energy appeared to be listening to community concerns and pulled their recently installed drill rig out of Nindooinbah Estate Road, Kerry in the Scenic Rim area of Queensland. Community campaigners had been asking for a water study to be completed...

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NSW Government reviewing CSG royalty payments

January 07, 2012

The recent announcement by the NSW Government that they are reviewing the legislation that gives coal seam gas companies a 5 year royalty free period and sees them not paying the full royalty payments until the tenth year of production is cautiously welcomed by...

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