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Renewables Not Gas Old

Coal and gas have already done more than enough damage to Australia’s water, environment and economy. Every day they are polluting and costing the country so much more than they give.

Whether it’s fracking wells in the Beetaloo, around Narrabri or the Lake Eyre Basin, gas threatens the water and food security of Australia.

Whether it’s the Queensland gas pipeline or the bi-directional East Coast pipeline every dollar we spend on gas is worse than wasted.

Because while we’re all paying for gas one way or another, renewables are ready – they’re already working for us. We have everything we need to power our demands and more with clean energy. Solar, wind, batteries and best practice efficiency measures are the fast developing future/the best future we have/the only future we have/something better.

Call & Email your Federal MP
Tell them you want them to represent the best interests of Australians. They must stop trying to force gasfilds on unwilling landholders and communities.
Act Now
Sign the Petition
Make your voice heard by calling on the federal government to urgently get off the gas by ending all fossil fuel subsidies and backing renewables instead.
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Council Challenge
Join us in calling on all Councils to take up the Ready for Renewables challenge to make positive changes that benefit your home, community and the planet.
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We're Ready for Renewables!

Farmlands, water resources and the climate can’t afford to keep propping up polluting coal and gas. It’s time for Australia to grow stronger and tool up to embrace cleaner energy.

There are already great examples of what’s working around Australia and the world. Learn more about why gas is polluting, unstable and unnecessary and how renewables are ready to fill all of our energy needs now and into a healthier future.

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